The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus  is a membership organization of the Chicago region’s 275 cities, towns and villages. Founded in 1997 by then Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley and leading Mayors from nine suburban municipal groups, the Mayors Caucus pushes past geographical boundaries and local interests to work on public policy issues. The Caucus provides a forum for metropolitan Chicago’s chief elected officials to collaborate on common problems and work toward a common goal of improving the quality of life for the millions of people who call the region home. 

To request a GRCorps member to serve your community or organization for the 2020-2021 service year, please fill out this form by November 10th, 2020.

The Caucus will submit a grant request (on Nov. 20th) to Serve Illinois/AmeriCorps requesting funding for municipal and partner organizations that indicate their intention to host a GRCorps member.  A very brief description of the nature of the work to be done is needed for the application (e.g. "Update the City's sustainability plan and implement priority initiatives to make the City more resilient to impacts of climate change" or "Focus on strategies and tasks that helps our community become more age-friendly" ). If the Caucus secures funding and if the host organization secures local approval, parties will enter into a formal agreement in August 2021. Hosts must pay the $20,000 cost share at that time. The Caucus will manage recruitment, training, administration, benefits and payroll. Host communities will make final selection of candidates and provide direct supervision for the full term of service.

You will be notified when our grant application is submitted and also if/when we are notified of our grant award (expected in June 2021). Please also notify the Caucus if your budget request for the GRCorps position is confirmed or denied for 2021.  Completing this form does not formally obligate you to host a GRCorps Member.

Metropolitan Mayors Caucus