The Metropolitan Mayors Caucus is a membership organization of the Chicago region’s 275 cities, towns and villages. It periodically offers grants and collaborative opportunities to local governments to support sustainable, vibrant communities.

You are invited to participate in a new program that delivers the benefits of solar energy to municipal buildings and facilities from Community Solar resources to be built in northern Illinois. 

This innovative program – the Community Solar Clearinghouse Solutions Program (CS2 Program) will pool municipal accounts served by ComEd to leverage lower prices and guarantee availability of Community Solar resources for participating municipalities. The CS2 Program is designed to capitalize on renewable energy opportunities created under the new Illinois Future Energy Jobs Act. 

Complete this form and provide information about your municipal ComEd accounts to express your interest in joining the new CS2 Program purchasing pool by December 1st. 

The CS2 Program manager will provide you with an expert no-cost analysis to determine which of your municipal accounts are eligible for cost-savings with Community Solar. If your accounts can save money, you will then be invited to join the CS2 Program purchasing pool in December 2018 - January 2019.

Metropolitan Mayors Caucus